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Thermal chamber, calender

The thermal bonding method is based on thermal bonding fibers in fibrous stapling canvas by thermoplastic resins, which are mainly using fusible fiber. Fastening the canvas is achieved by softening the thermoplastic fibers and their fusion with each other or with other fibers. To produce flat nonwovens are mainly used  the hot rolling and pressing machine, for producing three-dimensional non-woven materials are useddrying and heat settings.

Hot rolling and pressing machines

For the production of thermally bonded fabrics we offer  hot rolling and pressing machine FL-RZ series with two or three heated metal rollers. To ensure uniform heat distribution across the width of the shaft   hot rolling and pressing machine are equipped with a closed circulation system of hot oil. The accuracy of maintaining temperature within 1 ° СC.

Specifications: Working width - 1.8, 2.2, 2.5, 3.0 m. Operating pressure up to 100 kg / cm. Speed  - up to 120 m / min. The surface temperature of 260
° С.

Drying and heat settings

Drying and heat settings are used for the production of bulk thermally bonded materials, such as padding polyester, furniture pads and padding for the garment industry. Heat chamber is a closed system of hot air that passes through the canvas, and fastened together melting its structure. To align the bulk leaf thickness on the output shaft of the camera set the hot rolling and pressing machine with an adjustable gap between the rollers.

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