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Carding machine

In the production of nonwovens web formation process is a basic and important as it allows you to give the required properties of the nonwoven material. Basically, it involves the use of carding machines, mechanical and aerodynamic lapping transducers.

Carding feeders

Carding feeders FLJ –A, FLJ-C series are used to feed fibrous material into the carding machine

Bunker carding feeder series FLJ-A includes a summing transporter, which is simultaneously bottom hopper, an inclined needle lattice, level ridge, removable roller shaft and the outlet conveyor. This series is equipped with redundant carding feeder hopper set above the main bunker. At the bottom of the hopper is mounted back-outlet device consisting of a pair of rollers and supplies metered fibrous material in the main tank. Carding feeder comes with a working width 1380 mm, 1600 mm, 2000 mm, 2300 mm, respectively, capacity 250 kg / h, 300kg / h 360kg / h and 450 kg / h. Designed for fiber 2- 70 dtex x 38-76 mm .

When processing a thin and short fibers 0,7-20 dtex x 25-65 mm vertical hopper series FLJ-C are used to control air flow. Carding feeder this series consists of two located one above the other vertical shafts: backup and expenditure. At the top of the shaft is sealed air-fibrous material passing through the opener plant drum falls in expenditure the lower shaft. From the bottom of the shaft fibrous material appears in the form of a layer of the surface density required by the supply roller and the conveyor.

Specifications: Working width - 1730 mm, 2130 mm, 2430 mm, 3430 mm. Capacity - 200 kg / h, 300kg / h 400kg / h and 500 kg / h.


Carding machines


Universal carding machines FLC2D2 series designed for processing different types of fibers (polyester, rayon, nylon, polypropylene, etc. bicomponents) linear density decitex 0,7-80 and 25-76 mm in length. Carding machine is built on a modular principle of unified components: power supply, pre-lapping, lapping the ground and removable devices. To receive one axis focused canvas used shaft removable device, and to get disoriented web - randomize device. Operating units and actuators series machines FLC2D2 completely closed enclosures and doors, under the lapping and pre-lapping drums, are special pallets. Carding machine is equipped with air suction and seals and mounted on a special steel frame with platforms and stairways, which facilitates its maintenance and cleaning.

  Specifications: Working width - 1800 mm, 2200 mm, 2500 mm, 3500 mm. Performance: uniaxial orientation - 100 m / min, with biaxial orientation - 80 m / min. Lapping Weight - 10-60 g/m2.


Cross Lapper


Lapping series converter FLP-C is designed for repeated addition of lapping from a removable drum carding machines, in order to develop multi-layer fiber of the web of a certain width and surface density with a transversely-oriented arrangement of the fibers. Recruiting, compensation and folding conveyor belt through the guides on the walls convey carding line type outlet conveyor. Remote control transmitter is equipped with lapping monitor for programming speed lapping layout, delivery speed fiber of the canvas, the width of the layout. The converter is equipped with guards locked electrically.

Specifications: Speed  :  Inlet - 90 m / min, 120 m / min. The width of the entrance - 2.5 m, 3.2 m Weight lapping at the entrance - 8-80 g/m2. Weight of the web at the output of 20-4000 g / m The width at the outlet - 3m, 4m, 5m, 7m.

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