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The process of obtaining needle-punched fabrics with given physical and mechanical properties is carried out on needling machines. Obtained in this way punched materials may have different meanings: for decorative or floor coverings, sealing, insulation, filtration materials, geotextiles.


To select the type of needle loom a primary value has the nature of the feedstock, the surface density of the canvas, as well as the appointment of produced products. The number of needle loom may be different (1-8 pcs.) depending on the destination of the material produced. Machines can be punched with a needle table, two desks and a few needle to the location of zones of needling at the top or bottom, lying crosswise tables or working against each other in pairs.

Modern needling machines a series of FL-BG, through the use of effective methods of dynamic load balancing  work very smoothly with minimal vibration even at high speeds. For high-speed machines developed a special drive system for needle bed and lubrication of moving parts.
Specifications: Working width - 2,2-6,6 m. The course of the needle table 30-50 mm. The frequency of perforation 800-1200 min-1. Flat needle density 5000-7000 m-1. The rate of 0,6-6 m / min. Type of pre-punching, punching the main, dual, top and bottom.

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