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Polypropylene fiber filature production line

Characteristics of the equipment: Newest Polypropylene fiber FDY filament-- Polypropylene fiber filature and drafting machine: integrate extrusion, spinneret, lateral blow, drafting, winding; whole investment lower (no need filature building, only need the factory building 5.5meter.), the production period is short, easy to operate, capacity and specification as per customer’s requirement.  


Technical Parameters :

1. Extruder
1.1 Model: JHM65/28
1.2 Motor power: 15kW
1.3 Heating power: 15kW/220V
1.4 Max output: 1.3t/d
2. Spinning Beam
2.1 Heating power: 10kW
2.2 Number of package:4
2.3 Spin Pump (1/4):10cc/rev
2.4 Power:0.75kW
2.5 Spinning plates:Φ100mm
3. Quench Chamber:
Refrigerating output:45kW
Quench height:1500mm
4. Drawing system
4.1 Number of heated godet::8
4.2 heated godet diam:
4.3 heating power:3.5kW
4.4 Synchro motor:2.0kW
4.5 Free godet diam:Φ60mm
5. Finish system
5.1 Finish pump:(1/8)0.5cc/rev
5.2 Timing motor:0.5kW
5.3 Ceramic finish nozzle
6. Winding system (JHW435)
6.1 Roller motor:0.125kW
6.2 Traverse device motor:0.1kW
6.3 Holder length:600mm

6.4 Roller diam:Φ125mm
6.5 Max wind speed:2500m/min
6.6 Number of package:4
6.7 Max outside daim:Φ360mm
6.8 Bobbin specification:

All technical para as per customer's requiirement