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Preparatory equipment for the production of nonwovens

The process of preparing a fiber processing involves the following steps: unpacking of bales, perhaps more thorough loosening of the fibers, the complete removal of trash, foreign objects, a careful weighing of the components for their dosage in the preparation of a mixture of fibers, mixing thoroughly. Depending on the capabilities of the auxiliary equipment and process requirements are completed it in continuous production lines or use their own.

Bale opener

For loosening compacted into bales fibers we offer an automated series of FL-ZK, standing several bale rippers (their number is determined by the number of mixture components) and the carrier, which will automatically submit the necessary quantity of each component by weight mechanism.

Application: Opening the bale, dosing and weighing of the distributed fibers by electronic weighing system. Discharge   the fibers onto blending conveyor evenly.
Specifications: Working width - 1120 mm, 1420 mm, 1520 mm. Capacity - 200 kg / h, 300kg / h 350kg / h

Pre opener


To pre-mixing and breaking up the fibrous material fed to the mixing conveyor from the group of bale rippers, use baking powder mixer series FL-YK, major working units which are: a pair of feed rollers, major drum with fixed on its surface needle bars and outlet.

Application: Pre-opening the fibers then to the next process by air flow.
Specifications: Working width - 1000 mm, 1250 mm, 1500 mm. Capacity - 500 kg / h and 650 kg / h and 800 kg / h. Power - 7.7 kW, 9.2 kW, 9.2 kW.

Big cabin blender

Blending machine series FL-ZM is used for high-quality mixing a mixture of fibers and the accumulation of reserves for the main production line. The main parts of the machine are working camera, a cargo transporter device to boot from the fibrous material into the cell, selected pin lattice, level and removable cylinders, the exhaust pipe. Download the fibrous material blended into the working chamber machine is pneumatically through a stationary mixing cyclone or telescopic tube with a cyclone.
Application: Mix the opened fiber and make sure the continuous production.
Specifications: Dimensions - 6290x2300x3070 mm, 20 m3, 7890x2300x3070 mm, 30 m3, 9490x2300x3070 mm, 40 m3. Power - 10.87 kW.



Distributor is used for applying lubricating emulsion for moving pieces via the fiber material. Distributors for fiber lubrication are installed on multiple curved section of the pipeline for the uniform processing of raw materials.