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Equipment for the production of PET fibers and nonwovens

Nonwoven materials are called fabric, made of one or more types of fibers or filaments, held together with elements of the structure without the use of methods of weaving and spinning. The intensive growth of production lines for nonwovens due to advanced technology, mechanization and automation of production processes, reduce labor and capital costs, greater use of cheap fibers and wastes of their production.

Most often, production lines for the production of nonwoven materials is the basis for building coatings for various applications (linoleum, wallpaper, soft roof, etc.). Constantly growing issue of agrotextile used as a covering in agriculture. Geotextile is used as a protective, drainage, reinforcement material in road building, geological reconnaissance and other land works to change the natural properties of soil. Due to the high thermal and sound insulation characteristics of non-woven materials they are used in many fields: as gaskets and insulation in the automotive industry, the cushioning material in the manufacture of footwear, clothing, medical supplies, filters, etc.

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