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Hot air dryers

Hot air dryers

Hot air dryers are intended for moving away of superfluous moisture and volatiles (bits and pieces of monomers, low-boiling plasticizers et cetera) in thermoplasts. Moisture amount before processing is limited, because technological properties and quality of the prepared products substantially depends on humidity of thermoplastic plastics.



  • Contact parts made of stainless steel.
  • Precisely cast aluminum hull, smooth surface and good performance of maintaining temper ature setting.
  • Low noise blower, installed air filter(optional) purity guaranteed.
  • Material tank installed with side glass  for inspection.
  • Curve heating cylinder designed to avoid powder pile.
  • Installed with proportional deviation display thermostat, to control temperature accurately.
  • High-temperature type for 50-1500kg available, with double-walled hopper tank, stainless steel heating tube and high-temperature blower.
  • Hopper specially designed for easy opening, suitable for all robots.


Suitable for drying of all kinds of plastic raw materials; able to dry materials with different exture and color simultaneously,  particularly for materials with high demand for temperature, in small quantities and wide colors;  also  suitable for other preheating or drying purpose,e.g. edible, medical, electronic and electroplating.
  • Adopted PI temperature control, precisely control drying temperature.
  • Temperature and timer control in one unit , easy setting of drying parameters.
  • Premium temperature insulating material, high airtight eliminating unnecessary energy consumtion.
  • Adjustable air inlet.
  • Installed with current overload protector and phase controller.

Place material on the movable trays; start the switch on power,  strong wind wheel  activated will  blow air from the air  inlet  into the electric heating tube, hot air goes through the pored separated wall, and blows evenly on the material,moisture will be expelled by the dehumidi fication blower on the top. Moisture is expelled and material is dried through repeated process.

 Model  Power(kw)  Blower(kw)  Temperture range??? Numbers of Trays
Capacity(kg) Dimensions(cm) Net weight(kg)
 WSDA-5 6  0.75  200  5  45  92x69x138  154
 WSDA-9 6  0.75  200  9  80  92x69x175  190
 WSDA-20  12  1.5  200  20  180  166x69x195  315
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