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The inverter  is used to smooth variable speed induction motor through the creation of the inverter voltage of a given frequency. In the simplest cases, frequency and voltage is in accordance with a given characteristic of V / f, in the most advanced inverters it is implemented the so-called vector control. Inverters are offered by the leading European and Taiwanese manufacturers for general industrial control actuators: extruders, pulling devices, injection molding machines, mixers, feeders, water systems, ventilation systems, production lines, material handling equipment, etc. Inverters have increased the resource that will ensure reliable operation of the inverter for a long time. Upon request, it is possible to select  the inverters in the power range from 0.75 to 315 kW. Inverters have a modern modular design, a Russian interface, built-in PID controller and a programmable logic controller (PLC), built-in brake switch, high overload capacity and many other features.

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